The Harley Owners Group is much more than just a motorcycle organisation.      It’s more than 1,000,000 people around the world united by a common passion – making the Harley-Davidson dream a way of life.

The reasons that led to you choosingcwhog2 and buying a Harley-Davidson were your own and may or may not be able to be explained to all those around you as most people do not realise that it’s not only a new Harley that you’ve bought – it’s a LIFESTYLE!. A lot more was involved with your purchase of a Harley, such as –

  • You and your individual style as reflected in YOUR Harley,
  • The H-D Legend,
  • The H-D and H.O.G. lifestyle,
  • Two Families – yours and your new HOG Family
  • The camaraderie of 1,000,000 HOGs world-wide and 16,000 HOGs in Australia
  • The Events that are run by and for HOGs

The H-D lifestyle is for us to know and for others to find out. It all adds up as ‘HOG’ and if you haven’t already seen or heard the phrase “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand” when referring to the Harley-Davidson experience, then as a member of HOG it won’t be long until you do!

We hope to see you with us soon!!

Please Note : You must be an Australian or International member of H.O.G. to join the Central West Chapter as a Full or Assoicate member.